The Roman Britain diversity debacle.

Roman Britain

Holding up Roman Britain as a time when the country was supposedly ethnically diverse and welcoming to foreigners is a way of rebuking those who want stricter controls on immigration as being both historically and morally wrong.

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Transnational buffoonery (or annoying the Cornish and others).


JOHN BOLTON, FORMER US ambassador to the UN and recently the non-appointed Secretary of State in the Trump administration, famously quipped that if the UN building in New York lost ten stories “it wouldn’t make a bit of difference”. He also said that “There’s not a bureaucracy in the world that couldn’t be made leaner.” I think the latter is definitely true while the former errs on the side of generosity…

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Civilisation – who needs it? More in The Fortnightly Review


EVEN WHEN IT IS making one of its generally excellent documentaries on art or history the BBC these days cannot help but have its presenters slip in a bit of propaganda promoting multiculturalism, diversity or mass immigration. In the first episode of a recent series, Art of France, Andrew Graham-Dixon took us through Seine-Saint-Denis, a northern suburb of Paris, to view the “truly varied faces of this modern nation”, ie, the mainly Muslim faces of North Africa. France, he later said, has always been “a nation of mongrels,” which is just a version of the “nation of immigrants” mantra repeated by those who usually don’t live in areas populated by immigrants but are happy for others to do so.

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“The sun is God ,” -Turner, Lincolnshire and landscape.

“The sun is God,” the purported last words of William Turner, sprang into my mind as I drove, seemingly, right into the sun. It was eight in the morning and I was travelling east along the road that follows the the Car Dyke, an ancient drainage ditch dug two thousand years ago by the Romans, from Lincoln down to Peterborough. The sun was so bright I had to squint to see the road clearly. Mist lay in low layers in front of me, and above that, a clear sky. It was through these layers the sun glowed. The mist lay in the distance and I never seemed to pass through it.

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UK Supreme Court rules against Scotland’s Name Person scheme.

Scotland’s Named Person scheme has been ruled unlawful by the UK’s Supreme Court.

The Court referenced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its decision:

Individual differences are the product of the interplay between the individual person and his upbringing and environment. Different upbringings produce different people. The first thing that a totalitarian regime tries to do is to get at the children, to distance them from the subversive, varied influences of their families, and indoctrinate them in their rulers’ view of the world. Within limits, families must be left to bring up their children in their own way.

Source: United Kingdom Supreme Court

The EU army: an army by any other name.

THE SPECTRE OF an EU army has made an appearance during the referendum campaign, only to be dismissed as fantasy by the pro-EU lobby. It’s a fantasy, says the Guardian, for Eurosceptics, federalists and armchair generals.

This dismissal would have been more convincing if an EU Battlegroup had not been on manoeuvres on Salisbury Plain recently. Nor was it helped by the President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, having called for the creation of such an army.

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A radical proposal. #Brexit #Remain


The purpose of the European Union is to create a single European state in which the individual member states are subsumed into and subservient to the government in Brussels. A vote in the referendum for remain is a vote for political union.

Those who wish to live in that European state should be able to do so. But to do that they should leave Britain as it currently exists and settle in one of the EU’s other vassal states. Ireland, for instance, since that’s not far away and is never going to secede from the EU.

That will leave the rest of us with Britain, the country we want, the country most of us were born in or have adopted as our own, the country we love, the country that should be ours to govern as we see fit, the country that belongs to us. The rest can go and be good little Europeans elsewhere.


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